Research & Analysis to Inform Strategic Policy

What We Offer:

  • If you are a government, local authority or an academy group, we can offer a strategic analysis of your schools – in particular, we offer an annual review of your inspection performance to identify priorities for your strategic improvement
  • We can offer the ability to ‘dig into’ issues, for example by identifying common weaknesses or patterns that can be addressed to secure impact
  • We can design and lead research projects, for example to gather evidence on specific issues or make comparisons
  • We can provide a comprehensive review of the performance of individual schools
  • We can provide national or regional analysis of a specific issue – so we can identify the specific features of schools that improved or the ones that did not

Why We Can Offer This:

  • For the last seven years Adrian has led on inspection analysis and investigation work for Ofsted, feeding into the Annual Report and other publications; he has unrivalled experience of identifying strategic patterns from reading many individual reports
  • We are also skilled in identifying specific issues from reports – for example, common weaknesses in management across a region or specific weaknesses in teaching
  • Adrian has prepared many briefings and presentations to update HMCI on specific issues
'Thank you for the fabulous work you have done for us this year. I frequently - almost on a weekly basis - receive incredibly positive feedback from headteachers and other colleagues about the high quality and impact of your support and challenge.' - LA, Senior Officer

Every project is designed individually. Please call or email to discuss your needs and explore how we can help.