Low Cost Pupil Surveys: Improve Self-Evaluation

What’s The Problem?

  • Our visits to several hundred schools across the country have showed that many have problems gathering key parts of the evidence needed for effective self-evaluation.
  • As a result, they don’t know which areas to target as priorities
  • Schools don’t have a track record of evidence impact and improvement over time, so they risk underselling themselves – or being complacent
  • Governors do not receive enough secure evidence to make decisions and provide appropriate challenge
  • Most commercial school surveys are too expensive for primary schools, especially to be done regularly – we deliberately keep our’s low cost

What’s the Solution?

  • We offer you a simple, straightforward online survey for all your Key Stage 2 pupils to complete for an inclusive price of only £125.00
  • You can get pupil level results back within days
  • You can take the same survey repeatedly to track your results
  • Most pupils complete the survey in 20 minutes
  • You can compare your results to those of other schools from our national sample
  • The 32 questions are tailored to align with areas of self-evaluation which our experience shows that schools have problems with
  • Our survey allows pupils to ‘score’ a statement from 1 to 10 so you can easily see changed attitudes or variations

How do I know your survey is any good?

  • Questions are designed by former HMI who were involved with the Ofsted surveys – but this is a big step forward from there
  • The questions have been trialled extensively and already adopted across a whole local authority

What do I get from you?

  • Our basic package means you will get back from us or be able to access online your school’s score compared to all other schools for each question
  • You will also get a spreadsheet of anonymous individual answers, so that you can compare patterns in one year group to another
  • This is all you need to achieve a significant improvement in your self-evaluation
  • You get numerous charts and tables allowing you to quickly see how you are performing in key areas. Where there are more positive or negative reactions, you can then use the pupil level data to see which year groups are affected

What additional analysis do you provide?

  • Our basic package gives you all you need in for internal processes providing you can do some simple sorting tasks using Excel.
  • For an additional £70 we can create a Powerpoint summary of your results compared to the national figure, as in the example here which shows that the school scores less well for the arts and science than for other subjects across the curriculum. We find evaluation of the curriculum is often weak in primary schools.

I’m interested, what do I do now?

  • Email us at surveys@rivereducation.co.uk with an order number. Simply tell us the details of the main contact at your school and whether you want the standard package (£110) or want to add on the presentation package – although you can also add this later
  • We send you the login details and you arrange for all your KS2 pupils to complete the survey – although individuals may not complete the survey, your results will be less secure if some pupils miss out
  • Tell us when you have finished – we will send your results within a week
'I've just looked at our survey and I have to say it's a great survey. I much prefer it to the OFSTED questionnaire as I think it gives clearer information and it's really obvious where we need to go next'

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